Touching the Untouchable

My mood since I arrived home had been as stormy as my blue eyes. You know based on my texts through the day what happened, where I spent my day, and in general why I have reclused myself into the office in the house. You finish cleaning from dinner and head upstairs to get ready for bed, the door to my office is as closed as I have been since I arrived home. And you notice that my suit isn’t hung up.

Sensing that while I have expressed a desire to isolate myself to avoid conflict and unwarranted vitriol expulsion that my needs are for my sweetness to tend to me you strip off your work clothes and standing in the bedroom admire you figure but ultimately decide that while the cute cotton undies look good on you that tonight warrants a bit of extra effort. Sliding them off and removing your bra, you again glance into the mirror and ponder just presenting yourself unclothed. But again, you decide that there needs to be something more tonight. You walk into the closet and open your intimates drawer and begin to search until you come across the light blue intricate lace cheeky panties.

Against your milky flesh the pale blue lace just seems to marry itself. With a nod you begin to pull your hair back into a ponytail, as you know is my preference and then walk down the stairs quietly and open the door to the office that will lead to you being directly in front of me. While this is to be a surprise you don’t want to make me look for you when you enter.

My blue eyes are closed and I am sitting back in my office chair, headphones in my ears and lost in thought. My hands are busy rubbing my forehead, massaging it with my fingers. You quietly close the door and walk to the front of the desk where you kneel quietly.

You know I didn’t see or hear you come in based on my lack of reactions, but when I open my eyes it is almost as if I knew you were there, but not the reason. My blue eyes examine you before I return to work. You have solved the mystery of the missing suit. The jacket is strewn on the loveseat, my tie is on the lamp, and my dress shirt has been unbuttoned by three buttons revealing my stark white undershirt, meanwhile my sleeves have been rolled in a tight uniform way so it rests at my biceps. My shoes are beside the desk and you can see the playful socks that would confuse an observer of my demeanor and seem a contradiction to the day I had.

“Please Sir” you say, “may I do anything to help you relax, I know you are stressed and tense and want to help”

I shake my head, my eyes coming up to meet yours again.

“Then Sir, may I please stay and sit with you at least?”

Blue eyes raise again, the drawer is pulled open and I lay the blanket you know I use when I sleep in the office is withdrawn and placed folded on the floor beside where I am working. I return to my work without saying a word.

You move over to the blanket and kneel on top of it feeling the softness of the navy microfiber material. You breath a sigh of relief that the way it is folded affords your knees a lot of cushioning against the worn office carpeting. You sit watching me with your eyes analyzing the situation as your brain calculates options moving forward.

My brow furrows, you see the muscles in my forearms flex, and my fingers occasionally run through my short dirty blonde hair. The sighs become more audible. And yet I am so engrossed in my work you aren’t even sure I would know if you were there or not.

You know as a matter of course that I am not normally someone who enjoys being touched, and that you have the most liberal of rules regarding when you can touch me. You also know that tonight is likely not a touch me at will night. But you decide to chance it. You quietly move from the blanket and run your hands over my shoulders causing me to pause, then around the back of my neck and to my upper chest causing me to sit back.

I don’t say a word, I don’t shrug your hands off or remove them or react in any negative manner. And then you begin to unbutton my dress shirt more fully. With each button undone you are lower and lower, bent over my back and shoulders. Soon your warm breasts are pressed against me and your head is parallel to mine as you pull gently at the shirt and undo the last button.

You smile slightly to yourself as you pull back and remove the dress shirt, my arms compliantly move back slightly allowing the shirt to be removed. The shirt joins the suit jacket and you lean back over me your hands giving my shoulders a squeeze before separating and running along my shoulders to my upper arms and down.

This is going better than expected, you think to yourself. You smile at your sneakiness and knowledge of manipulating the situation. And then you feel brushed back as my office chair turns so I am facing you and my right hand reaches up and closes on your throat bringing you down to my level and leaving little more than an inch between our faces.

“You want to touch sweetness?” I inquire quietly but with a definite edge.

“Yes Mister.” You reply with a voice that is little more than a whisper, your eyes frantically search mine to determine how this is going to go, if you are going to be punished for touching when all the signs and hints said not to.

You are moved by my right hand back to what used to be my left side and standing above the blanket and with a firm pressure feel yourself being lowered back to your knees again. You see my left hand remove my undershirt and then unzip my suit pants.

Your breath catches and despite my not squeezing very hard you find it harder to breathe. My left hand withdraws from my pants freeing my hard manhood as my right moves to the side of your neck so that my fingers curve around the back of your head.

“Then you will do it on my terms, always on my terms, are we clear on that?”

You nod feeling the strength with which I am holding you tight, and then you feel yourself being pulled closer to my cock.

“Open wide”

You open your mouth to comply and feel my thickness pressing against your open mouth as it slides deeply inside you. My right hand has made it to the back of your head and grasped a handful of your soft silky hair which I am clearly about to use. But even in this moment you allow yourself an internal smile because you have gotten to touch the untouchable.


An arousing rousing after midnight

I see you lying there asleep, dreaming. You fell asleep in your yoga pants and a loose shirt. I lay beside you and run my hand over your back. Sleepily you push back against it. I widen the length my hand rubs so that it trails up your shoulder and then down to your thighs. Every so often I will allow my hand to stroke between your legs. I lean in and gently kiss you r exposed arm as I watch you try to fight through the fuzziness of sleep and dreams to reality. I place my left hand on your ass over your yoga pants. I pull your hair away from your neck and face with my other hand. I lean in and begin kissing the side of your face and ear, the slight scruff of my days growth tickles your ear. My right hand moves up under your shirt, first with a gentle rub of your back then circles over your side until my hand is on your breasts. Your skin awakens and goosebumps form. The kisses I plant on your neck are longer now, I trail my mouth down to your exposed shoulder. I squeeze your breast, flick your nipple softly as I gently bite your shoulder.

“Roll over on your stomach Babygirl.”

You roll slowly with a sleepy movement. You seem to be fighting to wakefulness but aren’t finding success yet. You settle on your stomach and turn to face me. You force your eyes open but the moon combines with the darkness of the room to only allow you to see my silhouette. You give up and close your eyes. You feel the rustle of the sheets, hear the sound of my breathing and smell my cologne that has mixed with my body chemistry to become one unique to me scent that combines with the freshly washed bedding you put on carefully before going to bed.

You shirt is lifted and I begin to plant light kisses up and down your spine with occasional breaks for softer areas of the back. You squeal softly at the tickling sensation resulting in a firm hand being rested on your rear, but not before a firm swat that emphasizes the need to stay still. While silent the command is quite clear. Your hands grip the pillow as I return to kissing you causing the desire to squirm away to build to an unbearable amount.

“Good girl.”

You feel the smile of my lips on your back, the warmth of my breath on your skin and the tension that had built melts away. A hand slips into your pants just below the panty less flesh of your ass, the movements slow and savored as my hands slide over your soft skin. I lean on my other elbow beside you and I hold one of your wrists with my hand as I grip and need your cheek. You lift your hips in return and seem to be silently begging me for more, but remain quiet.

My hand begins to spread your legs which allows me to slide my hand down further and cup around you, I leave on finger to rest firmly but unmoving on your clit.

“Is this what you want Baby?”

I smile as I feel you nod against the mattress before remembering that the darkness impairs visibility. I hear you after a pause speaking in a voice still raspy from sleep.


“Insatiable, little one. I love it when you need me as much as I need you.”

“Always, Daddy.”

I stroke your pussy lips with two fingers, my fingers becoming slick with your arousal. Your hips move trying to get more and my hand withdraws. A whine comes from you, and then nothing as you realize your mistake. I shove the covers off, and remove your pants. I grab your hips and lift you so that you are slightly off the bed, an arm closes around your waist and you only have a moment before the cool air followed by the impact of a swat on your upturned rear jars the sleep from your mind. Another follows, with another, and another, and another. Then I stop. I leave the hand that was holding you on top of your upper back and pushing your head down and ass up. I spread your legs and slide my thumb into your pussy anchoring you as I splay my finger across your rear. Then I begin to lick. I feel you move as you sense my tongue sliding over your clit. The moan that emits from you is pure reactionary and involuntary. Your body stiffens at my touch and your back bows presenting your hips higher and higher into the air. My thumb slides out and my tongue is now fully engaged.

“Oh fuck. Daddy. Please.”

I smile but keep going. You move and I know you have gathered your pillow under your head and are trying desperately to will yourself to stay still. I feel each stroke of my tongue torquing you higher and higher. Your desperation is building and building. Just as I feel you begin to lose focus I withdraw my tongue and bite your ass. Then silence, broken only by the familiar buzzing sound.

“Your hand, Babygirl.”

You reach back and feel the vibration of the wand as I push it into your hands and feel your fingers close around it.

“Put that on your clit, and don’t move it unless I tell you.”

I feel you take the wand from me and then your body jump and jolt as it makes contact. I push behind you my cock erect and against your soaking sex. I reach around you and find your breasts and then tease your nipples. My hand grips your hips as I rocks against you. My weight pushes against you, which pushes against your hand holding the wand.


My weight eases from your body. I leave a hand to grip your hip and I rub my cock against you. I don’t enter, I merely glide, and tease. Your hips move and search before you find me and I invade your sex with a hot firmness that fills you. You grunt along with me and I pause before pushing a thumb into your mouth.

“Suck, Babygirl.”

You open and feel me press my thumb into your mouth causing your tongue to wrap around it. You suck and I feel your body tighten more and more with that vibrator wand on your clit.

“Turn up the wand, Babygirl. I’m taking what’s mine, and I want you to cum on my cock.”

I remove my thumb and I feel you body move as the buzzing intensifies. I push my thumb into your rear causing you to cry out as I begin to pump into your sex with my hard manhood. My thumb is deeper and deeper with each thrust and your hips are in danger of bruising from the grip I hold.

“Fuck, Baby. You feel so good.”

I thrust with passion and push against you firmly. This causes you to rock against the wand and set the building of your orgasm skyrocketing. You open your mouth with frantic words spilling out.

“Daddy, please, I want to cum. Please can I cum?”

I thrust again.

“Cum for me, Babygirl.”

I thrust a few more times and then you cry out as I feel you tighten around me. You muffle the sound burying your head in the pillow. I slide my thumb out of your rear and grip your hips changing the sensation to allow you to prolong your orgasm. This causes me to lose myself and I begin to empty hotly inside you.


I begin to lower my body weight down and against you pushing us both to the mattress.

“Daddy, too much! Too much!”

I chuckles leaning against your ear and nibble your earlobes. I then push further and further on you into the bed and wait with you under my hips for a little while before releasing you to take the wand. With one hand I grip your hair and turn your head gently. I press my lips to yours and slide my tongue between yours. My forehead presses to yours and then kiss the tip of your nose before I collapse beside you on the bed.  pull the covers up over us and while your shirt is still pushed up around you you care not when I pull you up against me. You feel as my cum leaks slightly over your inner thigh and you push your ass against my pelvis as my leg hair scratches against your thighs. You feel heavy with sleep as my arm drapes over you cupping a breast and absently stroking your skin. You start to slip away and almost don’t feel as I kiss the back of your head and whisper.

“Good night babygirl, I love you.”

Sign of Life

Despite rumors otherwise I am still alive. Due to an uptick in professional time demands and some personal matters I elected to withdraw for a while from other arenas of kink outlet. That said I miss the outlet and more so the camaraderie that I encountered with a special shout out to those who believe I am doing so to them. Hopefully you read this and know I am not “ok” but I am ok.

The last few weeks have been full and a bit crazy with a lot of time being spent working, and that doesn’t appear to be slowing at least for another week yet, but I am hoping at some point that I will find a few to knock out some writing since it is the means of outlet for kink that I have currently.

Anyhow I wanted to check in so noone thought I had come to a sudden end, hope to hear from some of you in the comments.

Whipping you into shape

You know that you’re in trouble when you come down the stairs and see me glistening with sweat, shirtless standing there and waiting for you. My blue eyes are not warm, nor do they appear to be happy. My arms are crossed causing my biceps to flex. If you weren’t concerned about what was about to happen you’d actually be quite turned on.

“When I said we would need to be up at 5 to work out I meant that. Given that it’s 6, I do not have time to go for another run, so I figure we will do some calisthenics instead. Use Body weight and resistance.”

You nod, your hair is pulled back in a ponytail and you are dressed for the hot weather in a black sports bra and tight black and pink running shorts, you have pulled on purple ankle socks and your running shoes. You look down to avoid my stare and mumble a “Yes, Sir.”

I take your wrist and pull you to me, spin you around and then drop to your ankles and secured a resistance band around them, I move up and wrap a bungee cord around your chest right under your sports bra looping it around 3 times before pulling your hands behind your back and wrapping one end of the cord around and between them securing your hands back to back palms out. The other end of the cord is looped around your neck and secured ensuring your back is arched perfectly for what comes next.

Grabbing your hair at the base of the ponytail I pull you over to a waiting armless chair and then over my knee. “Let’s warm you up first, don’t want any unintended soreness afterwards or injuries during.” My hand falls swiftly on the green material. You protest loudly as my palm connects with your rear. I pause but only long enough to pull the shorts and sports thong underneath down your rear baring the quickly pinkening globes that are over my knee. I resume my palms assault on your ass my tempo constant and the firmness of my swats increasing as I go. My left hand wraps around your bound hands granting me a firm control of your movement and my right hand connects with your cheeks and upper thighs turning them an angry red color.

You kick and you squirm but mainly you allow yourself to reflect on your deserving this for not setting your alarm as I had suggested and likely not waking when I tried to nuzzle you awake earlier. Your face begins to flush and then sweat as the pain and heat builds in your rear. And then I stop and help you to your feet and then to your knees.

As you kneel in front of my I begin to untie your wrists and then your neck and remove the cord entirely from around you. I take the cord to put it away and tell you to remove the restraint from your ankle that it’s time to workout. As you do so you watch me your eyes burn with tears from the exertion and pain of the spanking and you begin to stand and pull your thong and shorts up.

“Uh uh, no miss, those and that bra are to come off. Natural workout today.”

Your eyes go wide but knowing you have no real choice you comply and slide off your tight shorts, panties and then pull your sports bra over your head leaving them in a pile on the floor.

“Are you just going to leave those like that? Crumpled on the floor? Pick them up, fold them nicely, and put them over there.”

You nod and comply quickly before returning to stand in front of me. Every urge screams to cover yourself and your nakedness, but you know that isn’t permitted so instead you play with a fingertip as you watch me, your nerves growing more and more with each tic of the clock in the room.

“I decided to include some workout partners this morning.” I say my facial expression not changing from the stern appearance it has had since the start of the morning.

Your eyes go wide and you look around wondering who could be here. Then you relax ever slightly to see the violet wand and crop in my hands.

“30 jumping jacks”

You begin to comply your eyes wide wondering when or why I would administer my workout partners. Your breasts bounce as you complete the required jumping jacks. So far no crop or wand.

“1:30 plank”

You lower yourself to your elbows and keep your eyes locked on the floor. Your back is straight and your red globes glow as you maintain perfect rigidity. Then your back arches slightly and CRACK, the crop falls on your rear. “1:00 done” CRACK “Back straight” CRACK. You complete the required time.

“25 squats”

You space your feet appropriately and begin squatting, the lack of coverage means your shaven sex is visible with each one. You begin to get self-conscious and cheat the depth. BZZZZ the wand bites the sweaty skin of your rear and you jump.

“Don’t cheat me, or yourself” Another bite of the wand.

You complete the set and hear “10 pushups”

You drop and begin to push, trying to get through them quickly to avoid having your ass exposed to my crop or wand.

“Slow down, I want good form, that’s downward dog” My crop lands three times.

You complete the ten with multiple crop swats landing.

“25 leg crossed crunches”

You lay on your back and cross your legs leaving your ass and privates exposed to me as I stoop beside you and begin to administer swats with my crop as you count out the crunches. Your counting gets strained with each swat.

“Mountain climbers, 30 seconds”

You once again push the floor and begin to bring your legs back and forth, but once again you allow yourself to be distracted and feel the bite of the wand then the crop. You moan as the sweat pours down your face and body, beads even fall down and cling to your nipples before dropping off as you move. You’re aware of all the sensations but must try to maintain your composure.

“Burpees, 20 of them” I command

“Please Sir, let me fix my hair first.”

“Hurry up”

You begin to pull your ponytail tight after replacing the elastic in it and feel the crop bite which causes you to instinctively jump and then start your burpees. Each drop gets a crop swat leaving you screaming out the numbers as you reach the conclusion.

You finish and are breathing hard, your eyes are puffy and you look at me. “Please Sir, I am sorry, so sorry.”

I put down the wand and crop before approaching you and wrapping my arms around you. “You’re forgiven, there is just one more thing and then we can go shower.”

You look up at me, your eyes widen again and lip quivers as you think of what I might have in store. You feel my hand once again wrap around your ponytail and bring you to your knees.

“It’s always wise to conclude a workout with a protein of some kind, just as it is advisable to thank your Sir for an earned punishment. You can kill two birds at once.”

You smile slightly as you take down my short and free my erect manhood running your fingertips softly along the length. You look up at me your eyes sparkle and then you lower your mouth onto my length and your tongue rolls around my cock as you suck and bob your head up and down.

My hand remains in your hair and eventually you feel my pull as I thrust deep into your mouth and soon you’re moving your head in time with my pulls and thrusts. You feel me tighten and then taste me in your mouth as I release. You moan excitedly and surprised as you try to make sure not a drop escapes your mouth.

Swallowing you continue to lick and suck as you clean me off before withdrawing and signaling your being finished with a kiss on the tip of my manhood before replacing my shorts. My hand is extended to you and I pull you to your feet and hand to you your clothes and lead you upstairs to the shower offering a swat as incentive to move quickly.

As we enter the shower you realize I am joining you, and as my hands close on your shoulders and I guide you against the wall, you realize I’m ready for round two and things will just be heating up before they cool down.

I stand in the doorway to the bathroom, I’ve finished showering and dressing. You’ve accompanied me to the conference as a means of entertainment and companionship. Even though I am your Master and you my little slut slave I am not the type to require your degradation such as sleeping in a crate or a dog bed away from me. I don’t require a leash at all times or you to eat from a dish away from me. That said we do have rules, and one being that when I wake that you will make yourself available to me. Being away from the typical dynamic and chores of the household do not change this expectation. I smile to myself and decide that I will be doing something about this.


I graze the back of my hand across your cheek causing your head to turn towards me. In your sleep you have exposed half of yourself and your tank has ridden up exposing your abdomen and pink panties. The hints of red peek from around the edges as a lasting momento of your time over my knee last night. I gently trail my hand over your hip and your hips rise slightly seeking the source of the warmth in your sleep.

I slide in beside you my suit pants and dress shirt on with the remaining jacket and tie on the chair beside the room desk. My hand cups around your leg at the knee and works it up your thighs til my fingers stroke across the pink cotton. You move slightly and I can tell you are slowly rousing from the sleep that I can only assume was deepened by the depth of our play and your subsequent orgasms the night before.

As you begin to rouse you roll away from me and I can see more of the reddened skin of your delicious backside peeking around the skimpy cut of your panties. I run my hands down your back and scoot close to you allowing you to feel my heat. A smile curls as I find myself semi-amused at the game of trying to draw you back to me.

You scoot back into me, your ass pushing against my pants and you nuzzle into the crook of my arm.

I run my thumb over your lips causing them to part before I slide my hand up your shirt and begin to play with your nipples. I slide my other arm under you and I trap your left leg under my right leaving you half pinned on top of me. I use my free arm to run a hand down your abdomen and over the soft cotton til I am cupping your sex. I feel you rock your hips sleepily and a soft moan escape your lips. I slide my fingers under the cotton and over the wet lips. Your eyes flutter open as I brush across your clit. As they come open you catch my smile and I whisper as your eyes adjust “Wet already and your not even awake,”.

“Yes Master,” you admit and begin to pull your hand to your mouth no doubt to cover the sleepy sheepish grin.

My arm slides out of your shirt and pins the hand above your head. “But not dripping yet,” I say softly. “I’m sure that your punishment for not meeting expectations will resolve that” and with that I pull the cuffs out of the nightstand and after pulling your shirt over your head I begin to secure your arms to the headboard. I then secure your legs leaving you clad in just light pink panties with a crotch that is getting darker by the second. Your eyes look at me a smug smile crosses your face.

“Dont be long you say sing songily” as you think to yourself that you can handle this with your eyes closed, and you likely will just nap off the tiredness from last night.

Your smile disappears as you see me pull out the remote vibrator, pull the elastic of your panties aside and slide it into you. “Dont worry my little slave, I will have a break at noon and we can figure out how many strokes you’ve earned for what I am sure will be a few violations of the no orgasms without permission rule.

The soft buzz and sensation from within erases the lasting sleep in your system as I straighten my tie and put on my jacket before leaning over your secured form and kissing your forehead.

“Later baby, have fun while I am gone.” A quick increase in intensity causing a jolt of your body before I return it to the lowest level.

That smile and then nothing but you and your thoughts.

Master Chef

You arrive home from a long day, your blue eyes are dulled and you want nothing more than to change out of your work clothes into something comfortable, something soft. The night is cool and you shiver slightly as you hit the door to the house. As you turn the corner from the entryway you see me standing at the island.

Pointing with a knife towards the bedroom I say “I laid clothes out for you on the bed, please put them on and come back down and join me, dinner will be ready soon” I lean to you for a kiss keeping the sharpened knife away.

You kiss me and whisper playfully “I thought laying clothes out was my job”

“Upstairs, now” I say, my blue eyes sparkle with intensity and I emphasize it with a swat to your rear to send you on your way.

Laying on the bed is a pair of grey short shorts that if you bend in the right way displays the bottom of your shapely rear, a tank top, and one of my college sweatshirts that covers the other items fully. You pull your hair back into a ponytail and throw the hood up over your head before coming down.

Lying on the board in front of me is a whole chicken, you grab a barstool and sit opposite me at the island. I am dressed in a sleeveless t-shirt and a pair of black shorts with a towel tucked into the side like a football player. I hold the knife and deftly butcher the bird expertly separating the breasts, drums, thighs, wings, and otherwise from the carcass. I take the breasts and season it with salt and pepper before taking a head of garlic and crushing the cloves. As you watch the smell of the baby root vegetables in the oven hits you, rosemary, thyme wafts in the kitchen.

My blue eyes look up at you as I render the skin of the chicken breasts. The pan sizzles as I drop the skin side down into the heat oil in the pan. I offer you a smile as I look into the hooded figure I see sitting beside me.

“Hood down, I am not leading a submissive cult young lady” I say softly with a wink.

You lower the hood and lean onto the island entranced as I flip the breasts over and throw butter in alongside the thyme and garlic and begin basting. The richness of the herbs and butter floats and begins to bloom from the pan out to the room.

You chuckle softly at the fact that the act of cookery is about as far as one can get from my day job, but that I attack it with the same level of seriousness and passion. The tinking of the spoon as it hits the pan that is leaning towards you offering you a ringside view of the crisp color on the breasts. The breast is rotated again and once again the basting begins.

The over opens and the chicken joins the veggies. You look at me, and biting your lip you ask “How long Sir?”

I give a soft nod and say “8-10 minutes”.

You slide off the stool and kneel before me looking up as your knees contact the cold marble floor. “May I?” you ask as you slide your hands up to and then stop at my knees.

“Best hurry, I don’t want breasts or buns burned tonight.”

You slide your hands up my shorts and slide them down from the inside revealing my manhood that you take into your mouth and feel it start to grow as the hot wetness of your mouth and tongue engulfs and begins running over me.

My left hand wraps around the spun golden silk ponytail and I set a comfortable pace as I push myself deeply into you mouth. A hungry moan escapes your lips as you greedily suck and lick, searching for a release from your Sir. My breathing deepens as you take me into your throat with soft chokes occasionally as you find the length of my cock.

You feel your mouth get pulled away and you look up, my right hand takes you by your throat and lifts you to your feet and then spun to face the sink. A swat stings your rear and then a hand snakes up your front and cups your breast as you feel my hardness press against you. Your hip pushes out as you feel a slight pressure. You realize you’ve closed your eyes in expectation and open to see the sunsetting out the window as you feel my thumb rub over your erect left nipple before reaching across to the right breast.

Your breath gets ragged and you cannot take it anymore. “Please Sir, take your submissive, please take me.”

The hand on your throat turns you to face me as my hand leaves your shirt and my lips kiss your mouth before forming a smile that then whispers into your ear.

“First dinner, then dessert baby.”

The oven timer buzzes and you’re released as I turn back to the over covering myself with my shorts. The chicken is removed from the over and left to rest. The fat from the pan is poured out along with the herbs. You stand beside me enamoured at the precision. I Dominate you in the same manner, no wasted movement or energy. I quickly chop shallots and place them in the hot pan that has been returned to the burner. The pan is deglazed with brandy, not once, but twice carmelizing the shallots and removing the stuck on flavor of the chicken. The garlic and herbs are returned from the fat drippings. More butter is added, and then a chicken demi-glaze. The aromas make your mouth water for the second time tonight. And you yearn for a different one of my meats in your mouth.

A seive is pulled and over a sauce pan the substance is poured. A spoon pushes and puree of garlic and shallot is pulled through into the sauce pan. A scrape of the spoon along the bottom outside of the seive drops this think hot deliciousness into the pan.

My spoon works around the sauce pan. I bend and remove the vegetables removing the foil as I set it on the island. I’ve used rock salt to draw the moisture and you can see baby carrots of purple and orange, baby beetroot, baby turnips, and baby golden potatoes.

I deftly cut the vegetables into two or three pieces and place each intentionally and with the utmost control. You slide out of my way and resume your stool. My hands, the hands that guide you, that caress, and yes even sometimes discipline you are displaying another form of magic. They always provide what you need, but this need, this care, it reminds you of the promises I have made and kept.

The chicken is removed from rest and placed on the cutting board, it is sliced diagonally.

“The resting, the waiting, leaves all the goodness on the inside making the wait worth it” I explain causing you to smile and fidget slightly as you realize that between our interlude and your watching this Master class some “goodness” is escaping you. The knife slides under the breast and its lifted all at once and slowly placed on the plate. I take out two spoons, the first I set aside and I dip the second into the sauce offering it up to your lips. You keeping your blue eyes on me stick your tongue out and attempting to regain some control, to knock me off balance just a little, lick it as suggestively as possible before purring that you love my sauce.

I pick up the spoon and drizzle the vegetables and chicken with the sauce as I stare into your eyes with a piercing glance. “I meant the jus. Behave and you will get both though.”

The plate is slid in front of you and as the fork penetrates the food you see the golden thick jus drip off before placing it in your mouth. And you’re lost to the explosion of flavor in your mouth. The crispy skin, the moist flesh, and the umami and depth of the sauce. The stress that remains of your day drains out of you. I sit beside you on a stool but sit side ways facing you as I enjoy the expressions and noises as you devour the meal.

Your plate is empty and you scrape with your fork getting every last drop of the pan jus.

“Seconds?”, I ask with a smile.

Sliding off the stool you slide off my hoody, the tank and your soaked shorts before falling again to your knees you look up at me with a smile. “No Sir, but I cleaned my plate Sir and am ready for that dessert you promised me.”

Tied up after going down

The owner knows nothing, and is overjoyed that you “pulled it out”. The victory steak dinner is delicious and you have just enough to drink that you feel the sting that lingers melt away.

We can barely keep our hands off one another on the car ride back. You are wearing that dress I like and as ordered you have nothing on underneath. I pay the Owner’s driver and we walk into the hotel. The owner was so overjoyed by your victory he has rented us the penthouse for the weekend so that we can celebrate and had the hotel move our bags from our very generous junior suite up to our new accommodations.

As we enter the elevator we are alone at first and I stand behind you. My foot taps between your legs and you slowly separate your feet slightly. My warm hand begins behind you at the knee and then up until I am about an inch from where your legs meet. That’s when I feel your desire for me for the first time….and when we are joined by two couples.

“Don’t make a noise” I whisper into your ears. You nod silently as my fingers move up and gently brush your lips. You exhale and then stop breathing.

On steps a family with a small child. This is going to get interesting.

The first couple gets off the elevator on 4. By that point you are fighting noises as my fingers tease your lips more firmly. The second is off on 6 and you’re at about an 8.

The family is at 10. You breath a sigh of relief as the door opens, the family walks out….and then the little boy pops his head back in and runs his hand up the panel. The parents scold him and give a helpless smile.

“That’s ok” I say and offer a forgiving smile.

THAT’S OK???? You think to yourself. There is nothing ok about this, we are on 25, and you are now on a slow ride with your sadistic Sir.

My fingers leave you and you are turned to face me. “We will be going up, but you’re going to be going down while we do so.”

Your eyes are big, but you nod. “Yes, Sir.” And you kneel before unzipping my pants and freeing my engorged manhood. You open wide and take me deeply into your mouth.

Your head bobs as you slide your mouth up and down my throbbing cock. You moan softly as you feel the heat in your sex stoke even higher following the covert manhandling I just inflicted. You feel me begin to tighten as we reach….whatever the fucking floor it is your back is to the panel and your mind is on getting my sweet spunk.

My hands pull you to your feet and you find yourself pinned to the wall, your skirt pulled up and my hands pulling your hips to me so you’re perfectly presented. You feel the tip of my cock pushing against you wetness.


My hot breath appears on your neck as I growl in your ear. “Save by the bell.”

Hardly you think.

We key into the room and I send you to go get changed. You are still in awe of the amenities that are provided to us. Your upbringing didn’t expose you to such things as steam showers, or even showers as big as some studio apartments in New York. You undress and walk out of the bedroom before kneeling before me.

I gently lift your chin allowing your blue eyes to meet mine. “Ready to finish what we started AB?”

You nod enthusiastically. “YESSSSIR”

I pick you up and place you on the bed. I place a folded towel over your eyes and then you feel my hands begin to tie your wrists to the posts of the bed. You cannot see it, but you know if anyone walked in you would look like a human X, your arms extended and out and your legs spread.

The inability to see has already started forcing your other senses to begin heightening. My fingertips running over you gently is like throwing a match and fuel on dried kindling as a blaze ignites in you. You then feel my mouth as I kiss your lips my mouth hungry over yours. Our kiss ends with my tugging gently at your bottom lip with my teeth before disappearing just to have my mouth return at the spot on your jaw just below your ear. A soft possessive growl escapes my mouth leading to a moan from you. My greedy mouth finds your breast as my hand cups it. My teeth scratch the nipple softly as I run them over it. I nibble, I suck, and then end with a kiss.

You are struggling against your bonds. You already are asking me to take you. But I am not looking to have you beg for that. I want more, I want your all.

Then there is nothing. You listen for even a hint of what’s to come. And then you hear the soft zzzzzzt of a zipper, then some rustling, and then nothing again.

crack you jump as the leather contacts you hip bone crack the other hip gets the same nip. And it hits you, I packed your crop in my bag while you were showering. crack the leather falls on your leg.

A struggle would be to severely undersell your attempts at freedom through contortion. These escalate as the crop begins to find the inside of your legs and the leather begins contacting wet inner thigh.

“You know the rule about cumming, right AB?”

You nod, knowing this cannot be good. “Yes, Sir”

Good, don’t break my rules. Now clean your crop. The leather softly caresses your lips and you open and lick tasting yourself on the leather. Your sweetness only sharpens your desires and once again just as quick as it appeared, it is gone.

crack the leather flicks your shave pussy crack oh yeah this won’t be good crack you are already feeling the pressure build as the sweet stings seem to reverberate into your very being. crack the impact is not on the clit crack the wave of pleasure is beginning to crest crack and here it….oh shit NO

“NOOO, please Sir, please let me cum.”

“Is that what you wanna ask me?”

“No, Sir….I….I….I”

My voice is just outside your ear, soft, warm. “What do you want my little submissive? Tell Sir.” And there it is my cock again, just outside of your yearning womanhood.


I plunge deeply into you and the blindfold comes off. My eyes are intense and deep blue. The penetrate to your very soul and you can tell by my thrusts I have been building as well. I grab your hair with my right hand as I lean in and growl. “Cum for Sir AB, cum now and HARD.”

You don’t need to be told twice and I feel you shudder as the orgasm rips through your body. And it doesn’t stop, it keeps waving back and forth, over and over. And then you feel the heat inside of you as I cum hot and hard. The most intense orgasm yet hits. You scream, I grunt. Thank God we are alone on this floor.

I collapse on top of you, you go limp like a ragdoll. I untie you, and then I cuddle you. You are pulled up against me tight and close. And you know that no matter what tomorrow brings that your Sir has your back, and that you are His.